Final Rating: 4.61. Finished 97 out of 193 entries.

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Animator: James

Description: “Dude” character by Ahmed Shalaby

"Kaju" character by Seraphim Nantiphat

Experience: Student 2nd Year

Time taken: 5 days?


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Good expressions and narrative, I like the subtle movements (the eye and head tilts especially!) on the cat burglar to show nonchalance is great.

To improve it further, I'd consider pushing some of the cat poses and expressions of the human character a bit further to emphasise the dialogue and the outrage as the camera is quite wide so it hides some of the details on a smaller screen.

Joshua Barcenas:

I really like how you framed your shots! It helps to emphasize the difference in character height and position quite well! I think if you animated the shoulders and spine a bit more, you could further emphasize this and elevate your animation. Good job!