Final Rating: 4.59. Finished 49 out of 72 entries.

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Animator: muhammad yasar arafath

Description: The scene opening with Jeff eating the food in a different eating manner. Then walk in john to pour some water and ask some question to Jeff which trigger Jeff anger

Experience: 2 months

Time taken: 3 week


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Ben Zingo:

please read the rules and only use the audio as-is without editing or additions

Mitch Coote:

Not allowed to edit the audio

Mahesh Waran:

for godsake you cannot add audio onto the clip! disgrace!

Ava Gleason:

Pretty sure it's against the rules to add or alter the sound

Essi Ayenne:

Audio added, but still nice.

Anna M.:

I don't want to be "that person" but please don't edit or add to the sound files. It is against the rules and honestly, it is distracting me from your animation. I was so fixated on the added sounds that I had to re-watch the video on mute.

I do really like the cheak movement when the orange shirt guy is eating though!