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One way or the other...

by Vanessa Nobre

Final Rating: 5.47. Finished 48 out of 197 entries.

63 views including the voting period.


Animator: Vanessa Nobre

Description: A businessman is thorn between two options: a) exposing an unfaithful wife, while deeming her bastard son unfit to manage the family's company, or b) using this secret to coerce the unlawful suitor into secretly managing under his direction.

Experience: None (first project!)

Time taken: 70h (8 days)


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Reza Hadiani:

plus movement in finger

Danny Kneip:

Very interesting composition and believable performances. Well done.


nice and simple. very good. I think there is a sound of paper in the middle that is missing. you can use offset of the eye lid's shape and timing in the blink. fingers are too much animated u can reduce them. still its a good shot. best of luck.

Grant Holden:

Really good and I liked the slight flick of the wrist on 'know'. Maybe slightly too much going on when one isn't speaking but otherwise good!

Valentious Williams:

Good dialogue ,

Avinash Kharat:

the speed of turning is not matching between two cut shots of french cut old man.