Final Rating: 6.01. Finished 31 out of 197 entries.

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Animator: Ankur Majumder

Description: Voice one is playing with her secret powers.suddenly her brother (voice two)came into the room,but she didn't saw him.when she saw him,she became amazed.Then the dialogue start.

Experience: 6 years

Time taken: 20 days


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Himadri Sekhar Dhali:


Aanal Kumar:

need some more body movement in the last...... but pretty kool animation style

Danny Kneip:

fun style and animation.

Cuck Man:

The voice didn't match the male character's exploding actions and stuff. Good effort though.

Roger Crown:

Should be a door slam spx for a topper....
This new style of animation on 4's or 6's has me confused...oh well, the char's are well drawn out and keep on model.
His eyes on the words at frame 264 as to why would you not keep the intensty of the moment and not have his eyes wander......

Samar Preet Bawa:

good try

Lionel Lionello Samain:

The poses of the guy are a bit out of context

Aaron Rivera:

Amazing artstyle and I love the characters here! Lots of great movement and posing as well, though I feel like the framerate jumps around a bit too much. There are some odd skips in the frames where you have 2 frames on 1s and one frame on 2s, giving a weird choppy effect to the movement. Adding some ease out for some of the movments would've went a long way too, like at the beginning, when the girl sits up, she locks in place while her hair flows. Adding some ease out or some snap-back would've helped it feel more natural. Similar issues happen with the guy's posing. Regardless, nice work!

Jesse J. Jones:

A lot of popping into poses. Would be nice to see more animation principles like follow-through and anticipation. The acting on "I don't know" also seems strange and doesn't really fit the dialogue for how over-acty it is.


The "I don't know" gesture was too exaggerated for the mood of the audio. Otherwise, good.

Reza Hadiani:

man's energy is more than dialogue's energy

Monika G:

Nice job on the design and shading