Final Rating: 4.58. Finished 83 out of 197 entries.

24 views including the voting period.


Animator: Philip Petersen

Description: A discussion about cookies missing from the cookie jar takes a turn for the worse.

Experience: Less than a year.

Time taken: Two and a half weeks.


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Aanal Kumar:

good animation, but the action came out different then the dialog....

Jesse J. Jones:

Blinks are pretty mechanical, I suggest studying blinks in animation to get them looking more natural rather than shutters. Needs better anticipation, he just kinda snaps from pose to pose with everything arriving all at once.

Jack Kimberley:

this was good, but there wasn't much context to the scene.

Danny Kneip:

The unfolding of the arms (starting at 269) is unfortunate, considering the remainder of the performance is very nice.


Really like the look of his face at the beginning. I feel u shud have kept a cunning face towards the end too, instead of him looking angry..

Sean McDonald:

Love the first pull back on the paper, but the motion in and out of the arm fold are a little too quick.


The action is quite understandable. The poses are good enough, but not coherent with the size of the hands. It obviously was a big problem for you. And since the only wide movements are done with the arms, it's too bad that you have to twist the motion path at 134, creating unnatural movement to avoid interpenetrations, or that the right arm goes through the table and the other arm at 270


The way his arms are folded is a little strange, it's more of a I'm grabbing my arms because I'm cold kind of pose, where as I think his arms should cross the usual way. I know it's more difficult, but it would be more appropriate. Nice job, though!