Final Rating: 3.29. Finished 158 out of 197 entries.

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Animator: Edward Chris Evjen

Description: A bank robber is discovered by someone she knows.

Experience: I am a student animator. Six months.

Time taken: Seven hours over one month.


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Jesse J. Jones:

Looks like you have the IK legs stretched too far at the end, his legs are hyper-extended, which people don't really stand like that. Practice natural posing with good silhouettes and line of action.


I get that you didn't want to show the land, because that's difficult to animate, but I think timing-wise, it throws it off quite a lot, by having it immediately cut to her recovering from the landing, after she's just left the frame in the first shot.

Also, is his center of gravity leaning far forward? He looks very off balance.

Nice effort, regardless!