Final Rating: 6.44. Finished 20 out of 197 entries.

147 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ben Haddon Mansfield

Description: A woman hopes to hide the tragedy of her gambling debt from her husband by pleading for silence in a room which might not be as secret as she hoped...

Experience: Eight years as a hobbyist

Time taken: 2.5 weeks


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Aanal Kumar:

really nice.....

Arturo Arias:

Great story here! the interpretation of the dialogue is quite good. The girl at the beginnig could have been better, but the guy that actually matters is great. A little bit of a cliché with some acting decisions, but they do work this time. Thaks for a great animation!

James Ham:

Great work!

J.K. Riki:

Very nice flow in the guy! You've got a cool style and it's got a lot of potential. Watch the sliding, your pan did not match the walk cycle and it broke a lot of the great illusion you had going on. I'd fix that right away. It looks like maybe you kept him on 2s but had the pan on 1s? You have to animate on 1s if you're going to do a camera pan, so things are solid and have weight. (Not all on ones, just during any camera move.)

Really awesome job otherwise, though, I'd love to see this completed!


Its really good, but that Big step could have been avoided i feel

Danny Kneip:

Respectable efforts here. I would be curious to see this finished piece.

Jesse J. Jones:

His foot seems to glide after he takes that long step, probably because it's too great a distance to cover in one step. I think he needs more steps, or the bookcase needs to be closer so he doesn't glide into place at fr. 200. The accent on "know" also seems to happen late in the animation, perhaps the audio is off. Great work though! :)

Aaron Rivera:

Pretty darn near perfect, but the lip sync and movement on the man seems slightly delayed from the audio. It also looks like he's pronouncing more syllables than there are, particularly at the start, and the shrug seems delayed from "I don't know". It almost looks like the audio had been shifted somehow after you completed the animation, and yet some parts still hit on time and others don't. As it stands, we have superb animation with some off timing.


Great draftsmanship. I most of the motion is excellent, but the step the guy makes looks like he stepped on a skateboard or slipped on a slip 'n slide since his foot seems to start in one place and end in another as he puts weight on it.

Abhishek Banerjee:

awesome work

Rob Cavallo:

Dr. / Patient Confidentiality!!! hah, Nice work on the traditional animation. You guys always impress. The doctors actions and lipsync are really nice. The girl needs a bit more lipsync, it almost as if her lips are not moving.