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I'll think about it

by Steve Hong

Final Rating: 6.71. Finished 13 out of 197 entries.

332 views including the voting period.


Animator: Steve Hong

Description: I'll think about it

Experience: 5yrs

Time taken: a week


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Very believable.


I like a lot of your acting choices, especially with the prop there, but his adjusting himself to lean back in and drink didn't feel right with the line he says next. Maybe it's because he leans so far forward it felt like he was gonna hold that pose, or even get up, but he just flops back into such a similar pose as before he moved that he could have done it with a simple weight shift instead a full lean forward. Cool entry though

Nour Ahram:

I love it !
although it would be nice if we can see the other character

Michael D. Smith:

Love the secondary business with the glass. Great work!

Jesse J. Jones:

Great acting! Only thing I'm not sure about is when he seems to be getting out of the chair and then sits back down in it. Would think a readjustment would be a lot more subtle. Great work though! :)

muhammad rauf:

Good job !

Danny Kneip:

beautiful render and great performance, but a bit to relaxed for the tone of the audio, in my opinion.

Jacob Scamell:

I like the rising movement of his head, nice arcs in the action and follow through. Well done.

Reza Hadiani:

good animate but in real world this glass will falls

Rob Cavallo:

I like the acting choices a lot. I do wish there was a bit more overlap to some of his actions. The pose to pose needed just a little love. Overall nicely done

Tobias Fuhr:

i can see when the character change to another pose, if you put some secondary action would turn to perfect. congratulations for this entry