Final Rating: 3.75. Finished 129 out of 197 entries.

39 views including the voting period.


Animator: Vasawat Changtroraleke

Description: Guy takes picture of girl's pimple

Experience: 3rd Year Student

Time taken: 3 weeks on and off


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Cuck Man:

The walk kills me :(


I have no idea what I'm looking at right now :/ Love the laugh and the sneaky bit at the end either way!

Jesse J. Jones:

The walk needs help. I think you need to practice your animation walks until you memorize how they work. I like the expressions though, great job on that! Made me smile. :)

Ruth Agada:

What is that?

Aaron Rivera:

Good job overall! I love the aside snapshot at the end. Though I'm not really sure what we're looking at here. I'm guessing a pimple, but more clarity would've helped. Maybe have the camera pan past the face to show the man's reaction. also, the man's arms

Yuri Marcel Vieira:

watch for his hands going through the door on the ending

Sergio Barragan L:

I don't understand!

Tobias Fuhr:

keep animating, congratulations for this entry

Jake Morris:

Nice brah, mirin hard.