Final Rating: 5.42. Finished 50 out of 197 entries.

31 views including the voting period.


Animator: Lucas Michaels

Description: Ran out of time and didn't get to polish, please be gentle :)

Experience: I've worked as an animator on and off over the last 9 years.

Time taken: two-ish weeks


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Roger Crown:

I like the door she almost shuts and then reopens it....great acting on the accent of the script.

Danny Kneip:

Her sync is very good. His needs more polish, especially when leaning back in the chair. That cigarette is definitely loose in his hand as it approaches the ashtray. Great work getting his feet of the table and straightening the tie.

Mattie Walsh:

The acting is pretty good, and the body mechanics seem on the spot. It could have done with a little more exaggeration in the lean forward.

Jesse J. Jones:

Good acting! I only wish she held her eye contact with him just a beat longer before leaving the room to make more of an emotional connection. Great work! :)

Dan Harriman:

Nice! Only major improvement would be the speed with which he puts his feet on the floor. Feels slightly too fast.