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Secret in the dark

by Dan Gold

Final Rating: 3.76. Finished 128 out of 197 entries.

24 views including the voting period.


Animator: Dan Gold

Description: First trial with morpheus rig :)

Experience: 2 years of University course

Time taken: 2 weeks, a few hours most days


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Aanal Kumar:

no movement...... this is not only for lipsing


is he blind?

Michael D. Smith:

What are they staring at?

Jack Kimberley:

This was good and a bit creepy :) but there wasn't much going on in the scene

Jesse J. Jones:

No acting going on, just lipsynced heads. Work on your character interaction and animation basics.

Jacob Scamell:

Amazing staging, really lifts the animation up. Very clear narrative portrayed here through very simple visual cues. Great Job!


The lip sync looks good, but it needs more facial animation. I'm not sure if you're just going for a shocked, bored, or in awe kind of emotion, but there still needs to be more happening in the face.

Aaron Rivera:

There's no real body movement here. Even the expressions barely change. But I do like the subtle movements throughout. I think it might've been fine on the guy, but the woman in the background should've at least reacted more, or at least looked at the guy a few times. Also, neither of them blink. Also, the lighting, the camera zooming in slightly, and the man's upward gaze made me think there was gonna be some big reveal at the end, like it would cut to a view from behind, looking at a glass tube with a huge monster in it. It really would've added a lot to the scene. Although that doesn't explain why the woman is looking down most of the time.