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Nuclear Winter of Our Discontent

by Chris

Final Rating: 4.55. Finished 84 out of 197 entries.

37 views including the voting period.


Animator: Chris

Description: In a puzzling and ambiguous world, men and women engage in a timeless struggle for power and security.

Experience: Very little. (Mostly work as an illustrator.)

Time taken: 5 work days


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Danny Kneip:

Very interesting style

Lise Minnie:

Nicely drawn and very dramatic! :)


Cool style!

Cuck Man:

Something terrible happened to the sound.
The chicken part was pretty nasty too
I like the 'chiaroscuro' -ish concept but you need more movement.

Daniel Vasconcellos:

cool setup and mood for the shots, well done!

Aanal Kumar:

nice camera angles man!!!! but no animation. It's like comics, this is good but not for this competition.

Roger Crown:

We understand that you were trying to a QUINTON TARATINO type of clip here, but it does not quite work for me....

Jesse J. Jones:

No acting in here, just some moving pictures. The lipsync being the only character animation aspect is done well though.

Aaron Rivera:

A pretty neat motion-comics-esque entry with some great framing, but the limitations of the style make it a little difficult to judge in terms of character animation, since it's made mostly of large tweened parts and a few added frames. A few added parts of articulation or frames could've made this much better. It's great for it's style though.