Final Rating: 4.33. Finished 97 out of 197 entries.

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Animator: Mark Thompson

Description: Maya
Morpheou Rigs provided by Josh Burton

Experience: College Graduate Applied Computer Graphics

Time taken: 40 hours


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Jesse J. Jones:

We see too much gum on the male character and it's disturbing (don't know if intentional or not), but lipsync could use some work. Not sure what the girl is doing at fr. 119, but it's not on screen long enough to read so it just kinda strobes by. I would probably take it out. Her eye also drifts when she first leans in, try locking it in place more. The guys eyebrows also bounce up and down around fr. 330, which is distracting.


I think the guy should be leaning back a bit more when he puts his feet up, his pose as is doesn't look very natural. Like his creepy facial expressions though! :)