Final Rating: 5.98. Finished 32 out of 197 entries.

153 views including the voting period.


Animator: Levan

Description: Hi there. Woman gets caught cheating and her boss has the evidence. Unfortunately I had such a small time to complete this piece, I've had some rendering issues with the shadows but I hope it's not a problem.

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 3 days


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Aanal Kumar:

i really liked the animation....


Lovely squash and stretch!

Danny Kneip:

Fun style! The lip sync is good, as are the performances. His head squashes and stretches just a little more than I think it should, especially from 300-312. Not sure his skull should be doing that! :D

Roger Crown:

A bit too much squash to the bosses head...... looks like someone forgot his/her anatomy lessons.....of a cartoon nature that is.....see the classics of TOM AND JERRY and the Disney of the 1940s to see when to squash and strech the head.....


best use of Eleven Rig till now this month.


Awesome hands animation, very cartoony and realistic at the same time, well paced, very smooth. Less fan of the lipsync of the lady, or the bounciness (stretch/squash) of the head of the guy, looks like his head is a water balloon :) But high quality work anyway.


It's a little more bouncy squashy stretchy for my taste, but that's just preference. It's good animation. Not sure what the woman is really doing in her last shot though.