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Finding Out The Hard Way

by Thomas Guillory

Final Rating: 4.00. Finished 112 out of 197 entries.

22 views including the voting period.


Animator: Thomas Guillory

Description: An executioner is trusted with a secret that could have hefty consequences.

Experience: Student - so less than a year

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Aanal Kumar:

need to work on ur timing. and some good poses.

Jesse J. Jones:

I would suggest eyes leading before the head turn. Also work on the floatiness between poses. Pick a pose and stay on it! Also a bit of a pop when he goes to grab the rope. Great work though! :)


I'm curious, what's the deal with the guillotine!?

Some nice animation here, but could do with a little improvement. The head should move around a little more, or his eyes should be aimed a little differently, because he's often looking to the very edge of what he'd be able to see to his right, and that just seems a little uncomfortable.