Final Rating: 3.53. Finished 141 out of 197 entries.

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Animator: Nat Mohler

Description: Two week project at DAVE school. A man must make a difficult choice between his father's life and a lot of money..

Experience: 1.5 months

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Reza Hadiani:

plus continunity

Danny Kneip:

Decent work, overall. The opening pose is good. The final pose is a problem because his hands are moving, when they should be still, supporting his weight. Good blinking and sync.


Try to make strong, dynamic poses and key ALL the main controllers. Here everything moves independently from the rest, it must be a real mess in your timeline:) If "snaps" happen, treat them individually at the end, after making sure your strong poses stand out.

Jesse J. Jones:

His hand doesn't' look like it's resting on anything in the beginning because of the near-zero pose. Try getting hands to look like they're really pressing into the surface they're resting on, whether it's a table or an elbow. :)