Final Rating: 6.83. Finished 6 out of 167 entries.

19,214 views including the voting period.


Animator: Borja Montoro

Description: First Rough: The stubborn husband is fixing the table with a short leg.

Experience: 25+

Time taken: Actual time: about a week, during the evenings


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Nathan Greensmith:

pretty good. I like it.

Francisca Zamorano:

hahahaha i love it, really good :D


hahahaha i just laugh a lot with the end :D

Harry G:

Nice. The end part looks rush though.

Yuri Marcel Vieira:


roy cobn:

i think that the fall at the end could be better: the last frame i can see the table is like middle back on, maybe if u could remain it in the upside position (let's say one more turn after f255 (instead of comin back on).other that that- awsome!!!

Israel Silva:

Man, great animation! A little more work on it would have been an 11-star piece!

Hanne Dewachter:

Aw, I love this one. Even in the most sketchy parts your animation is clear and beautiful.
Too bad of the clicking noise?

Ruth Agada:

The clicking sound is kinda distracting. Other than that, great animation!

Matt Herbert:

If that clicking noise is intentional, lose it. If it's not.... still lose it.

Nice animation. My biggest suggestion is to work on the timing of the fall at the end. It is too fast and needs more time to play out for clarity and comedy.