Final Rating: 4.99. Finished 50 out of 167 entries.

472 views including the voting period.


Animator: Isabella Papa

Description: fanboys love to discuss!

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: 40 hours


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Eric Raffle:

I liked it , nicely done

Nathan Greensmith:

Not bad, good poses.

Jed B.:

Needs a lot of polish but the guy is off to a decent start. Smooth it out and try and make the people hold poses like a punctuation.

Harry G:

The girl move from 0-20 is quite fast and her eyes seem planted on the spot, it does not follow the guys face. Her looking to the the side from frame 55-72 seems ... unnecessary (has she noticed something?).... and then again from 133-147?
The guys Jaw and mouth pose from 144 - 213 seems seems un-natural. The shot needs more work

Ezra Allen:

You have some weird wobbly motion going on there pretty much through out. You could get away with it in certain places but it feels like you arent able to run from key to key smoothly, or that you are too nervous to let the characters sit still.
Nice poses and it's almost there if you could just get them to run smoothly and beleivably through with out that they look like they have the shivers or conlvulsions.

Evelyn Hernandez:

It looks great. The one thing I do notice is that it feels a little rocky, I'm thinking there might be a few spots were you have a little too many frames and you might want to let the interpolation smooth things out. I like it though =)


I would get rid of that hand behind the neck pose and maybe sling it on the back of the chair opposite of her. Nice animation!

Jorge Duran Llanos: