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I think I'm right....

by Matt, May Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 8.06. Finished 1 out of 167 entries.

161,296 views including the voting period.


Animator: Matt

Description: I say its white and gold. im right. youre wrong.

Experience: couple of years

Time taken: couple of weeks here and there


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Eric Raffle:

very good and very entertaining, wonderful job :)

Felipe Andres:

Hahahahaha Good Final!

Jed B.:

Great! Simple and funny. I hope this wins.

Nathan Greensmith:

potential winner, great face movement and lip sync, really well executed poses despite the lack of limbs and props for using a widespread internet topic.


Haha Loved the reveal at the end of it!


i didn't spect that

Matt Herbert:

Very well done!

Belgacem Karim:

good animation, I love very much the idéé, and the éxpression facial, it is of the great work

Tianyu Chen:


Ezra Allen:

Cool, nice to see something different. I would say on the blue guy you are repeating the same poses a couple of times. I would have shifted him stage left to give me the oppertunity to easily avoid hitting the same poses. Push the lips a bit more into "worth". Nice work

Jess Nye:

Love the movement!

Ruth Agada:

lol. Love this. This is my fav


Very well done! Congratz ;)

Alex Haggerty:

Really well done.


Way to connect with our society hahahaha. This is a very well animated piece, top 3

Nesir Muradov:

This is really awesome. Great idea and animation.


graet!!!!!!!!!!!! good!!!!!!!!!!!perpect!!!!!!!!!!!!! i likt it

roy cobn:

smart and funny...