Final Rating: 6.09. Finished 13 out of 205 entries.

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Animator: hao

Description: using spare time to make a rough pass,not polish though.i will still working on the shot,just really love this Show.

Experience: 5years

Time taken: 2weeks


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James Trimm:

This is nice, but not completely perfect layout/character distance from camera in respect of audio

narendra sawant:

good work

John Fielding:

shame your playblast settings are wonky (showing overscan, dark viewport lighting, etc). But even still I can tell the animation is very nice. Much better than anything I've seen voting thusfar. I really appreciate your restraint. He moves with the confidence of a master instructor, then has a fun reversal at the end where he gets into camera


That was fantastic! The only thing that I would think to tweak would be the camera animation, getting a little closer at the start to really see his expressions, and smoothing out that transition a bit.


Nice animation and timing, , it would merit a better render quality

Aditya Prabhakar:

I think this is good, aesthetically: could be a 4-5sec initial establishing shot as u tried in beginning without dialogue and when he starts his dialogue..there has to close shot of face(with low angle camera). At frame 66 we can go back to current camera angle. It is my opinion that it would have made ur art lil more stronger and impressive.


Very nice...

Iqtidar Ali Siddiqui:

nice shot i think in top 5 !

Lucy Acland:

The character animation is great! However what's up with the camera?