Final Rating: 4.16. Finished 60 out of 205 entries.

497 views including the voting period.


Animator: Maksym Spivak

Description: Wolfdog rig by Paks
Hare rig by armangsb

Was fun working on it :)

Experience: 3 years of college

Time taken: somewhere around 20 hours


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James Trimm:

great start- mostly there... towards the end feel like his head nods down too sudden around 180, and seems a bit floaty from then on. wolf is good, perhaps more menacing frown?

Todd Christiansen:

I think I can see what you were going for. The idea of the "dancing master" not being seen until the last second is quite a good one, but doesn't give you much to do with the "boy" in the meantime.

Sergio Candela Ramirez:

I love the rabbit's animation