Final Rating: 5.44. Finished 25 out of 205 entries.

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Animator: Dmitry Privalov

Description: Suffering from nervous overstrain the young man found business card of just opened non-classical massage salon.
And here he comes...

Experience: 8 months

Time taken: 60 hours


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Kazi Abu Bakkar Chisty:

excellent concept but something is still missing...

Fernando Incetta:

Wow...Should I delete my browser history after ratng this?

The animation is cool and fluid. The "cat" appearing in the bottom corner is a mistake in my opinion, it breaks all the composition.

James Trimm:

wo, wacky, but very good animation!!


your sexual master


Good one!

Lauren Hammond:

Hilarious idea!

Jordan Lewers:

Just when I thought it couldn't get any more creative lol

Kendra Kaye Coffey:

the animation of the dancing master was on point but I felt there was some timing issues with the boy. he seemed slightly lagging. by the way, great concept but wow. interesting.

Zakaria Barazi:


Jessica "Jess" Jerome:

hahaha nice

Todd Christiansen:



Nice flow in the animation, you should work a little more on some poses. For example, try to show more force when he fails to open the door at around frame 150, bend the spine to get a C shape so it really looks like he tries to open the door.

Keith Douglas:


Joaquin Casas:

Love the idea jajaja Maybe a little bit faster when he tries to open the door.

Eric Raffle:

a bit on the strange weird side of things, doesn't make sence

Lucy Acland:

The animation needs a touch more polishing, but this is a really funny idea.