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Strange Encounter

by Ralph

Final Rating: 1.97. Finished 185 out of 205 entries.

523 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ralph

Description: That moment when you forget you signed up for something.

Experience: Little

Time taken: Two weeks part-time


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Kazi Abu Bakkar Chisty:

so funny, is the boy eating something when talking?

Angela Colvin:

Way too many cuts. This should be more about animation of the character, not the camera. With only 11-15 seconds of animation, you might want to limit the amount of cuts you make to only one or two... it's way too much for the eye to handle and it isn't necessary. Your camera moves are more prominent than your animation. Focus on you character animation.

Dylan Zhang:


Kendra Kaye Coffey:

calm down on the camera effects and focus on the fundamentals such as lip syncing.

Timothy Muller:

Hello there. My recommendation for you would be to practice your posing skills. Focus on contrapposto and line of action. Also check out Ed Hook's "Acting for Animators" if you haven't already.
Keep up the good work. Cheers!


Your camera movement is way too quick. It makes it very difficult to see the animation. You never want to hide something you've put a lot of time and heart into. You should show it off. It's okay to have quick action but the camera movements make it very hard to read.
Also, you need to hold that leg and arm, looks like they are floating to the next pose in the next cut or something. Your poses are a lot of fun though.
Your lip sync could use some better articulation.

Eric Raffle:

lacks animation fundamentals

Tianyu Chen:

what the ..