Final Rating: 5.29. Finished 29 out of 205 entries.

633 views including the voting period.


Animator: Joaquin

Description: A little girl arrives late to her dancing class, not knowing there is a different teacher... with different abilities

Experience: 9 months

Time taken: 2weeks every now and then... not enough


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Leonardo Martin:

Great Job! :)

Noah Smith:

thats a girl

Timothy Muller:

Superb acting. Not much I can think of to say. I'm assuming the teacher has physical control over the girl at the end. It was a tad confusing, but understandable. My only other note is how quickly teacher reacts to the student's arrival. Maybe a 5-8 frame delay rather than immediately as the door opens.
Overall, great work. Hope to see you in the top 11.


I really like this, lots of exaggeration in the movement to really show off the character. It took me a couple of watches to realise exactly what was happening at the end, though, with his 'psychic puppetry' trick. The composition of the scene, the fact that the girl blends into the door's colour and the lack of time to really show it off made it difficult to notice and understand the girl's reaction, so it just looked like the master was making bear claw motions towards the camera. I'd suggest refining that action to make it clearer what he's doing, and maybe make her movement a lot more prominent so that the viewer's eye actually snaps over to her and notices what's happening.

Michael James Nahem:

I like the camera moves, The clock and checking the watch feels a little redundant but effective. The acting is appropriately quirky but the final gesturing of "your dancing master" is a little too subdued


very cool idea, I would take out the pupil shrink, or make it more subtle but other than that and a couple of other details it looks good

Jordan Barg:

Good animation but some weird acting choices. Why would he be surprised that someone who hasn't met him before is asking who he is? Don't really get the hand movement at the end. Also at frame 190 you broke the ankles. I like the point and swoosh up!