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Never Saw It Coming

by Angel Nunez

Final Rating: 2.58. Finished 150 out of 205 entries.

531 views including the voting period.


Animator: Angel Nunez

Description: If you like hotdogs and toilets you'll love this.

Experience: thats what school os for.

Time taken: 28 hours-ish?560316


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Angela Colvin:

Your concept doesn't make sense. I have no idea why he has a hot dog and why he's in the bathroom. Acting is lacking and there's barely any emotion reading in the character's face. Definitely try focusing on the fundamentals and getting into character next time, and also make sure to construct a more high-concept idea... this one lacks clarity.

Timothy Muller:

Hello there. My recommendation for you would be to practice your posing skills. Focus on contrapposto and line of action. Also check out Ed Hook's "Acting for Animators" if you haven't already.
Keep up the good work. Cheers!

Ruth Agada:

I really do not understand this concept


This is a very strange idea. But it feels underdeveloped or just unclear. I feel like you were going for strange humor but it doesn't make sense to the audio in my opinion. Nice models though. The lip sync could be more expressive with the lips, it feels a little bit too much like a muppet.
The slow get up makes sense with what you've done I think, but there are other places where the animation feels slow, too much slow out. The hands specifically need to get to the poses faster, they feel like they are drifting in space. I think a lot of it has to do with spacing.
I like your poses and facial expressions though.

Eric Raffle:

did you think of this idea while you were on the toilet?