Final Rating: 2.30. Finished 166 out of 205 entries.

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Animator: Jay Rivera

Description: started a bit late but this was still fun to do

Experience: less than a year

Time taken: week cause a started late


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Bad staging, everything is in the middle. Very little body animation, you only move the heads, and the only movement in the character in the back has no reason and is floaty with bad poses.


You've got a very stoic and snooty master, which is nice. As he's remaining so still, you can concentrate on the student and we really need to see some emotion and readable movement in him to compensate for the stiff master. The master's facing away from him, is the student scared? Curious? Maybe he's backing away or trying to sneak a look at the master's face, then, for instance.

Timothy Muller:

Hi there. My advice for you is to strengthen your contact poses. Practice contrapposto and line of action. Also check out Ed Hook's "Acting for Animators" if you haven't already.
Keep the good work up. Cheers.

Bradley Adams:

Lip sync is good, but the rest of it is quite slow such as the hand movements, the blinking and some of the head movements

James Trimm:

The lip sync is a tiny bit off on the first line I think. The body perhaps can move more?

Jordan Barg:

Bodies are too stiff