Final Rating: 6.82. Finished 8 out of 205 entries.

3,019 views including the voting period.


Animator: Arthur Gil Larsen

Description: A cafe owner is not who he appears to be.

Experience: 5 years in the industry

Time taken: Roughly 3 weeks after work hours


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Joshua Farmer:

I don't understand the characters motivating in his movement and why he moves the way he does but the animation is solid. I like it


this is good, only wished you used a better rig that fits the boy voice instead of Mery

Sergi Miranda:

I love the acting of the man! maybe too static at the end.

Michael James Nahem:

really like this overall. The final pose is held just a little too tight and could benefit from some subtle secondary action

James Trimm:

Fantastic! Her animation is great too, but reaction doesn't fit perfectly for me. I would have her starting off looking at him (but am being overpicky) Beautifully smooth...

Iqtidar Ali Siddiqui:

OMG what a leg pose damnnnn !

Kendra Kaye Coffey:

very smooth animation. I love it!

Timothy Muller:

Fluid stuff! The biggest recommendation I have for you is the teacher's lip sync for the "Tomorrow... mid day" segment is a bit extreme. His facial exaggeration is fine otherwise.
Again, lovely work. Hope to see you in the top 11.


Love this! The movement is great and the expressions play very well. My only suggestion would be adding in some eye darts for the girl at the end.

Nicolas Alejandro Lincolao Espina:


Remi Thewissen:

Nice pose at the end, love the squash in her face


The lady becomes very stiff towards the end. Maybe a bit more of facial animation or maybe some struggle on her part would have been nice.

Jordan Barg:

Why use a girl rig if he directly refers to him and a boy?

Rhi NessaAragorn:

Love it!


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