Final Rating: 3.67. Finished 115 out of 185 entries.

340 views including the voting period.


Animator: Aniko Hasko

Description: A zombie and a frankenstein monster speaking in a bakery crematory.

Experience: One year

Time taken: 4-5 day


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Wai Han Lau:

A good effort and I like the character designs! However, there's too little movement in the rest of the body beside the face. Have a look at how people move: when you're on the street, when you're watching a film, wherever. Keep going!

Lucky Brown:

Would be better with some body movement,

Richard Adams:

Both characters are very well drawn, lots of appeal. I like your style. Main problem is so much of both characters is so static, nothing moving except mouth, eyebrows, eyes. You'd do better with simpler drawings but every line moves in every frame.

Jacinta Joe:

You should try some body animations to make it more interesting.