Final Rating: 2.85. Finished 157 out of 185 entries.

326 views including the voting period.


Animator: Gabriella Peralta

Description: Another day in therapy.

Experience: approx. 9 months

Time taken: 16 days


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Wai Han Lau:

Hi, a very good effort! The poses are there, but there tends to be a lot of hand popping (e.g. 175 to 190) the hand movement is unnatural and a bit like paper. I would suggest studying how people move (on film or in animation), if you were to turn your hand right now (from palm facing downwards to sideways) you will see that your fingers tend to be in a relaxed position unless you're imitating a robot. I would also suggest acting this scene out yourself or with a friend and then analysing your own natural movement. Anyway, keep animating!

Jacinta Joe:

You should try to relax the fingers more.