Final Rating: 4.95. Finished 50 out of 185 entries.

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Animator: TJ Askew

Description: I decided to go for a "The Office" feel, with the shaky camera, and the character directly facing the camera some.

Experience: 0-1 Years

Time taken: 40 hours? (Guess)


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Started off really well! The handheld camera is a nice touch too. You just used the waving spoon motion too much in my opinion. It was fine for the first two gestures or so, but then it becomes pretty repetitive.


not sure who the character is talking to as he keeps looking around. other than that good job, nice detail with the little "sniffle" before he answers :)


I like it. But i found his looking to his side while talking and back at the camera a little off putting.

Laurent Châtellier:

I like the start, some really nice moves here.
too much camera randomness though.