Final Rating: 2.93. Finished 87 out of 102 entries.

373 views including the voting period.


Animator: Dave Roddick

Description: 2D animation. Meant to look like clip from a documentary.

Experience: < 1 year; First animation in OpenToonz.

Time taken: Roughly 8 hours.


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Brian Duffy:

you've got a lot of potential! it shows that you're really thinking about the scene, even though it's such simple drawings. My advice would be develop your writing alongside developing your drawing skills. I could see you doing great work in comics or as a director eventually.

Dave Roddick:

The lip syncing is phenomenal; I only wish they would move their heads a little.

Vijay Bisht:

no go with basics

Daan Mac Gillavry:

Very cheap

Tarnisha Tull:

Could use polishing with the figures and line work.