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Earthly Takeover

by Joey

Final Rating: 7.31. Finished 4 out of 102 entries.

155,796 views including the voting period.


Animator: Joey

Description: Going for an 'Office' vibe with space aliens inspired by the infamous Hopkinsville Goblins, even attempted shaky camera using Premiere. There are issues with this piece but I've learned a lot from having finished and know what areas I need to improve.

Experience: Self-taught

Time taken: 20 days roughly


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Alan Leppen:

I love the classic interview animation video, especially with the aliens.

Also the motion on the tradition animations seems clean.


Very smooth! I like the take on this one!

Brian Duffy:

I like the cut to the business in the middle, but it goes by a bit too quickly. maybe it would read better in color. you have a good intuition for the setup

Andrei Llacuna:

This is amazing! This is winner for me.

Shreyas Dutta:


Victor Pierce:

Nice job executing the documentary style editing! And I love the fluid animation as well.

Tarnisha Tull:

great character acting and smooth animation