Final Rating: 7.25. Finished 5 out of 102 entries.

55,406 views including the voting period.


Animator: Chao chawinroj

Description: The Boss has planning to take over earth with minnion.

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 2 week


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Nike Woller:

This is a great piece of animation! I really like the framing and the camera movement. I also enjoy finding details in the animal's movement, like the smooth motion of the tail or the way he moves his ears. While I think you did a great job on animating the animal, something about the human's facial movement puts me off. I can not pinpoint it though, because the whole rest looks just perfectly fine to me ^.^

Joon Nitiphum:



nicely done but again i feel there is something off with the audio and the lip sync. I'm getting this feeling from a lot of the submissions. I think maybe the mouth shapes need to come a few frames early or maybe it's the fact that in 3d we are stuck with the rigs we have and not the ones we wish we had. i think a voice performance when you listen to it makes you imagine the character in your mind. in 2d you can just draw that character and make it sound like what you want. in 3d the most appealing models/rigs are not necessarily best for the audios we get in these assignments. still, there's something off with the audio in a lot of the submissions

Shreyas Dutta:

Very nice

Nicholas Hausmann:

Nice lighting! Great splining as well.

Jed B.:

This is in the top for sure! - the only thing that distracted me was the move from after he wipes his face in disbelief to where he turns to the camera. I think this feels awkward and could be simplified. Maybe he just holds at the face palm - and then quickly moves to camera after the hold.