Final Rating: 6.77. Finished 10 out of 86 entries.

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Animator: Michael Daemmig

Description: In this excerpt of a role play, Mery has the power, until Malcolm gets an idea to counter and comes out on top, ruining the game for her.

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- Mery character courtesy of

Experience: ~ 1.5 years, Student

Time taken: ~ 25 hours


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Macarena Santillan:

The animation on the woman is fantastic, the man needs some work, his actions don't read as organic as the woman's

Sylvia Minnaert:

So great how Mery evolutes so naturaly. Malcoms acting is a tiny bit less convincing i cant pin down why. To reach perfection ;) it would be nice to sculpt his hands a bit more naturally on frames 168+ and 230+. the man has such a big hands that the flat open position jumps out easily.

Jamie F:

Some really nice things going on here. Watch your line of action (he’s a bit vertical). Some slightly stronger posing would improve this loads. And just polish up those ease ins and outs.

Steve Reach:

Nice work.