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Animator: Crissie and Jess Z

Description: This nugget and her BESTY have loaded up with their favorite snacks, ready to see their favorite Rom Com on the BIG screen. "I hear Mel Gibson takes his shirt off in this one". Turns out both nuggets have been keeping secrets from one another.

Experience: 82 months

Time taken: 1 day


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Caitlin Carpenter:

Very fun!

Luna Leandro:

Stop motion always makes me smile. I think the framing is too static for most of the scene. Nice concept and design tho

Aaron Clement:

Love it. Maybe having them sit on the chairs and look at the guy between them would be stronger. I found this entertaining so well done!

C h o c o b i l l y :


Jenn Byrd:

Nice to see a different medium! Haha good ending.

Jaime Santana:

Stop motion is always so creative.

Jamie F:

Great ending! I say this every month but I'll say it again, thank you for these. They never fail to make me laugh.