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The Caring Therapist

by Alex Smith

Final Rating: 6.29. Finished 15 out of 201 entries.

0 views including the voting period.


Animator: Alex Smith

Description: A Therapist listening to her clients mundane life finally hears some interesting drama about her life.

Experience: 3 years TV animation

Time taken: 3 days


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Parker Rodormer:

Pretty great stuff here. But perhaps adding the second person could reinforce the concept a little more, even if they weren’t facing the camera.

Jonathan Fontaine:

Love the tight and precise movements she makes !

You might have started her leg going up (currently starting at 205) a bit earlier, right as she get back in her seat.(195)

Richard Adams:

Really liking her body mechanics, and facial expressiveness on this one. Could use more work on lip syncing. Terrific posing and staging.

Paul Essenhigh:

Very nice!


I love her actions!

Jaime Santana:

Sweeeet acting. Love it.

Jamie F:

Some lovely movement. The middle of her face is a little dead, some movement on the nose, with some squash and stretch to the face, and some eyebrow moves would bring it to life!