Final Rating: 6.42. Finished 13 out of 201 entries.

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Animator: Gültekin Karaoğlan

Description: Thanx for the competition 11 Sec ;)

Experience: 10 years

Time taken: 2 days


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Richard Adams:

For the most part, this is superb. Except for the weird squashy-stretchy heads the first 70 frames or so, as if they were water balloons rather than containing a rigid skull inside.

John M:


Aaron James Mongcopa:

nice Flash style animation!!!

Paul Essenhigh:


Aaron Clement:

I love the guy and the ending. Maybe a bit much up and down on the girl in the walk (feels a bit wobbly).

Ying Herng Chia:

A bit confused by the girl's happy expression at the start; thought she sounded frustrated in the dialogue.
Boy's eye line should be higher in last shot to be looking at girl's face.

Jaime Santana:

Cute cute.

Jamie F:


Lola Robey-Levine:

This is really nice overall, the only thing that stuck out was the girl's expression at the start felt like it didn't match the tone of the line