Final Rating: 7.06. Finished 6 out of 201 entries.

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Animator: Luna Leandro

Description: A girl won't let her friend make a documentary about her newfound condition.

Experience: Animation student

Time taken: A month


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Ana P:

finish please, you are very good

Aaron Clement:

Scary...but I like it!

Poppy Marlow:

Amazing work!!

Jonathan Fontaine:

good story, good acting, one of the best this month !

Paul Essenhigh:



Love it

Ying Herng Chia:

Cool idea!

Jaime Santana:

This... Is a great shot. Love this wholeheartedly.

Caitlin Carpenter:

I really like your character designs, and the setup you used is one of my favorites.

Jamie F:

nice! However in that last shot it feels like you've crossed the 180 degree line in the camera so it throws you out a little.