Final Rating: 6.52. Finished 5 out of 218 entries.

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Animator: Sharu.

Description: Keyframe Animation with Unreal4.26 using Metahuman rig ,Rendered with MRQ,.

Experience: 5

Time taken: 1week


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Sebastian Kuder:

Really cool!
I'd say the most noticeable thing that could be improved would be the lipsync. For example when he says 'fool', the mouth makes more of a 'fooaah' shape. If you look for 'lip sync chart' online, you'll find some good reference charts for what the mouth should be doing. It's made for more cartoonish characters so sometimes you might have to dial down some of the shapes, but in overall it's a great reference to use.

Apart from that, in my opinion he shouldn't be looking around as much, it's a somewhat intimidating speech and having him constantly look around makes him look like he's talking to himself or is very shy and unsure about himself.

Lee Adams:

awesome man

Kiran Jay Babla:

Lip sync a little shakey but it's well contained acting.

Justin Vu:

Good acting choices overall with clear portrayal of character personality. Gesture from 57-86 seems unclear to what the character is thinking.

Tim Main:


Richard Adams:

Top 10 UE4 entry in my opinion. Really nice lip syncing and facial expressiveness.


wow!!! never thought it was possible in unreal engine , great job.



Michael Moralejo:

Really good animation - great hand, body and face expressions! Congrats!


Not much camera work, which makes the scene slightly boring.
I like the hand gestures & facial animation
I would have liked to have seen some progress posts, from initial concept, to critique earlier in the production.

Aamir Hussain:

great, I love it.

Aun Abbas: