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167 year`s energy

by Tom

Final Rating: 4.98. Finished 45 out of 218 entries.

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Animator: Tom

Description: This movie clip focuses on face animation. The story is the moment of revelation of a supernatural being after a long period of searching for something that turns out to be a commercial product. The idea is to treat the task as a commercial clip.

Experience: Some, not very much.

Time taken: About 10-12 days for the entire project


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Lee Adams:

Lighting, looks amazing, expressions are great, needs to have a smoother flow, awesome job though


He is enough twitchy, one more energy drink will kill him :)

Jordan Kiep:

What product is this commercial for? It has serious product advertisement vibes.


very lovee the expressions hahahaha XD

Richard Adams:

Great lip syncing and facial expressivness. Rather jerky though, like it's skipping frames. Neat fun concept!

Frantisek Valouch:

Really good funny twist




Great animation!!

Michael Moralejo:

Wow!!! this is fantastic. Great animation - Lip Sync, Facial Expressions, Body motions. Fantastic! congrats!!

Jennifer Croom:

I like the expression at the end, and the lip syncing is on point, if a little exaggerated. It’s quite jerky though.