Final Rating: 7.66. Finished 3 out of 218 entries.

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Animator: Dylan Jingbo Zhang

Description: Fully animated in UE4, still a WIP anim and needs a lot of polishing, just tried to explore animation section in UE4. And yeah hope you like it!

Experience: 9

Time taken: 13 days approximately


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Alex Perez:

That motion when he sits on the chair and throws his shoulders a bit around to get comfy " you swindled me..." ugh so good! Only feedback I have is that the laugh "ho ho ho" needs a dash of polish. the mouth shape looks more like "ha ha ha' instead of that 'oh' shape, but that's such a tiny detail. Keep up the great work!

Rohit Suryavanshi:

good timing and use of the body :)

Kiran Jay Babla:

Solid! I like the timing at the end. Lip sync and weight is solid. This could do pretty well.



Samvida Nanda:

so creepy as a story. But really well made in terms of animation and lighting and the detailing of the fire haze.


This is the best, from lips sync, body animation to scene set up, everything is perfect


Brutal but cool!

Aleksandr Kirichenko:

Very impressive, especially 36 - 66 part with a chair. I like how smoothly animation goes. In my opinion, laugh and movement at 187 - 213 is a bit over exaggerated for the soundtrack.



Yigit Bayram:

yess! that sitting down and the last close up... well done :applause:


How did you able to add that came, mic icon in the video in unreal engine.

Lucas Prieto:

Love this, great reveal, and appeal! Really portrays the villainous personality of the character

Aamir Hussain:



This better be the winner


Perfect!! I love how you have the man suddenly lunge forward when he says "MINE!" It further emphasizes his menacing and fearsome movements!

David Woodard:

I really felt that. Amazing work!

Aun Abbas: