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Animator: Sebastian Kuder

Description: A shirtless madman captured our hero and is about to unleash his revenge onto him... But first! A villain monologue!

All hand animated/keyframed which made me realise how badly I want a rokoko suit, hahaha.

Experience: Some

Time taken: Few hours during most weekends


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Kiran Jay Babla:

Acting is a bit on the nose, but looks decent.

Justin Vu:

Great use of staging and editing to unfold the story. good use of eyes in closing shot. Poses through shot 4 could give a clearer sense of personality or intention.

Rudy Gjurkovic:

Very nice power pose on the "oh- oh -oh." Nice Job.

Michael Moralejo:

Wow!! Great job! Nice set and great body and facial animation



Maria Robertson:

needs a shirt


Animation is good, I like the main characters close up shot.
I would have liked to have seen some progress posts, from initial concept, to critique earlier in the production.


I like the extreme close-up at the end when he says "MINE!"