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Let me find something ...

by Laurent Page, May Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 8.63. Finished 1 out of 97 entries.

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Animator: Laurent Page

Description: I will try to comfort my bestie ... .... yes ... comfort my bestie ...

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: 20h


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I love the expression on trying to think of a good example even when she couldn’t think of any the first time. This is great!


Very good! :D Nice acting,

Adele E:

I usually have a harder time with animations that only show one character when two of them are talking because I'm expecting both of them to interact in the same shot, but the acting and expressions of that character alone were so convincing it didn't even click that one was missing! That little readjusment on the couch was so good, too.

Charls Thomas:


Shanon McNeil:

I'll never wash my eyes again!!!! This is so crisp and everything is so under control and professional. Excellent acting as well.

jiwoon kim:

I think the expression is good and the animation is natural.