Final Rating: 5.33. Finished 58 out of 238 entries.

466 views including the voting period.


Animator: Bappy

Description: Advice by phone to his friend

Experience: 5 year

Time taken: 4 days


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philipp seis:

good animation in there

Paula Decanini:

Not enough arches and expressiveness. Feels too mechanical.

ibet francisco:

Nice acting.

Brian E.:

He doesn't need to lift his right hand when he says, "you should never". Looks great otherwise.

Richard Carrillo:

Nice shot, just an observation: If he is waiting for someone to answer, would he actually start by saying "you mind if I give you..." ? Think about when you make a call.. you don't instantly go to the subject, you salute or something.

Puja kundu:

Nice expressions.