Final Rating: 7.13. Finished 7 out of 238 entries.

87,148 views including the voting period.


Animator: Eike Hoppmann

Description: 2 officeworkers in an elevator, one is fired and receives (unneeded) advice.

Experience: few years

Time taken: 10-20 hours...


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Leonardo Pereira:

Lovely. Maybe at the beginning are too stiff, but lovely acting!!!


I liked the hair floppy-s.

Paula Decanini:

The emotions of the characters read clearly, and I like the acting animation of the speaker. Probably my biggest problem with this is just the camera framing. Maybe not so straight-on? Also you should always try to avoid cutting off your subjects mid-thigh. Keep it at the hips or the knees.

Héctor Lozano:

The hair movement is really good, congrats on that.


Good interaction, like that you took the other guy through a change in emotion

Moy Parra:

Top 5 no doubt!

philipp seis:

very believable, i learned a lesson :)

Richard Carrillo:

Very nice!
You have a clear situation and you are one of the few who don't put a cigarrete or something in the hand of the speaker flying all over the place.

Divyam Chand:

very nice acting......him going out in the end looks floaty....the walk should have up & down

Anand Mohan:



nice work here!

Sofia Pagen:

If there is something that I saw in this entry that has stood out from all others I have seen, is acknowledging the character's breaths. Also, this entry is great proof that great animation doesn't mean a LOT of moment. There's so much going on this scene, really gives me the vibe it belongs in a greater plot. Excellent work pal!!!


really nice!


nice animation, facial is also nice


nice. the expression change before he starts speaking is cool


beautiful animation, for me you are the best of the month ! congrats


looks like somebody's sent packing ... a good job... i mean

nicolas bougere:


Benjamin Berg:

The acting in this shot is good. The two biggest problems I can see is that the right guy's body is way too still and feels frozen. The other thing is the eyebrows on the left character are too floaty.

Keep up the hard work!