Final Rating: 5.60. Finished 46 out of 238 entries.

556 views including the voting period.


Animator: Saeed Moradi

Description: I liked to complete it. but, I didn't have enogh time.

Experience: 5-6

Time taken: 15-20 hrs


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Leonardo Pereira:

You got really good poses here. But I feel the acting don't correspond with the voice. The character feels excited and the voice is calmer.

Piotr Skulimowski:

Too much hand waving I guess. Wold be better with less.

Mariana Avila:

Acting is good but just a little too over the top to really fit the audio. The movements are really smooth, though, kudos.

Ben LaScala:

This is great posing! But I think there is too much of it. He moves a lot. And it's jarring. But the Movement is great! and the poses are awesome. I just think it would be strong if he stuck the poses longer and had fewer. Good work though!

Paula Decanini:

There's some good motion and poses in here, but it's too frantic and over-animated. Tone down the exaggeration.

Moy Parra:

Nice! A little even but lots of fun in there

philipp seis:

too cartoony for the audio

Luis Trebino:

too much move

Laxmikanta Jena:



lip sync is off

Reginald Crumpler:

Wish there was a background to really bring out the story, but other than that, excellent lip sync, lots of character expression and motion, and great rig control.

Brad Bradbury:

This is really good. However, the body is moving too bouncy and large for the subtle audio. Control your movements to match the acting in the dialog.

Nihal Rashinkar:

Based on the hair movements on "You mind" and "You know this", it seems soft enough that it would move on "a smart guy" and maybe even "never"

Benjamin Berg:

You are on the right track but here are my notes.
1) The lip sync needs more polish and could be pushed more in places.
2) The contact of the stage right hand touching the table could use an extra pose to make it feel like it's not just floating onto the table.
3) Look at the acting choice at frame 167. It doesn't make much sense for what is being said.

Keep up the hard work!