Final Rating: 2.37. Finished 218 out of 238 entries.

444 views including the voting period.


Animator: Artistico

Description: Little things are the best...
I love animation and I want to improve my skills.

Don't hesitate to give me feedbacks

Experience: 1month

Time taken: 1week


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Ben LaScala:

Did he just eat poo?

Austin Hambrick:

wheres the uuuuhhhhh rating because im not sure what to make of this XD

Cory Parks:

Lol! I love how simple and appealing your characters are. The animation needs some work, but this is cool!

Márton Odep:



Hmm.. I wonder if that's meant to be a dog. That will make some sense. I also wonder why the shit didn't run when he can actually jump.