Final Rating: 6.96. Finished 5 out of 223 entries.

20,548 views including the voting period.


Animator: Lim Yew Chin

Description: Some simple yet serious baseball.

Experience: 3 years +

Time taken: 2 weeks after work


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Juan Carlos Vigil:

The body motion overall is great, I just noticed that the lip sync was a little off in some frames

Jim Sweeting:

Nice timing b0ss

GokulNath Gajapathy:

Nice concept .

Mike Schanbacher:

Awesome...great staging and poses on the first also had a bit of a moving comic book feel, which was nice. Great job!

Nick Kondo:

Great camera work and animation. The Scout just seems a little over the top for how the VO sounds.

William Barry Eggington:

Some epic comic book inspired compositions. Great work!

Nassim Briedj:

Awesome, good work here!


wish he had thrown a grenade or a ball with a burning wick

Jagdeep Kumar Sharma:

woaaaa. great camera animation

Rahul Singh:

Nice camera angles & anim..but in end he should not through the ball as dialogue is to slow expression
will be great

Jo Anne Tan:

Very nice and dynamic! Great camera angles and strong poses, especially the foreshortening. It only lacks a strong lipsync.