Final Rating: 6.14. Finished 24 out of 266 entries.

691 views including the voting period.


Animator: Nassim Briedj

Description: While Mathilda wants to find a job at all costs in the circus, Malcolm want her to avoid the job of target girl...., is he going to succeed?

Experience: 3 years (1 year as pro)

Time taken: Few days


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Carolyn Mennecke:

This is great!

Yoni Audi:

Nice Work!


I dont think they hold the knife like u hold. Animation looks nice.


great work man ! :-) i like it

Brandon Woloshyniuk:

Animation is pretty nice. Watch your camera direction though. The shots of just the male should have been staged with him on the right third of the frame and his eyeline looking screen left to keep the continuity. It was very confusing where he is looking.

Moussa Ishak:

Well done Nassim...congratulation!

Danilo Passos:

Great idea!!!!!

Franco Odeny:

Turning back and throwing the dart @ "am thinking about it " would have knocked it. tho is good