Final Rating: 7.56. Finished 3 out of 266 entries.

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Animator: Ahmed Al Hasnawi

Description: A young man he need to be part of mafia family but he is not ready yet!

Experience: two years

Time taken: 48 hours I guess!


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Hollie Newsham:

Great scene, lovely characters


Oh my God! It looks so good!

Juuso Kallioinen:

The way he asks the second time looks as if he is pressing the question, while the voice sounds hopeful and excited. Employers intentions also seem a bit unclear. He sounds concerned for the employee, but looks like he's got something bad in store for him.

Arun Kumar:

Really great work..

You have absorbed audio very well

Have a very great day..!!!


top 3. super work.. as per my little knoladge the last pose of the Boss is too much side on.. you could have add some smoke for the ciger for registration which suddenly appairs in the 4th shot.

John Doree:


Sanchari Chakraborty:

nicely done. really appreciate your classical entry.

Bhattacharjee Sandipan:

Good Animation, decent attempt. the ciger disappears in some frames and then suddenly appears. And i think the boss is going offmodel twards the end. must be in top10 or 15. good luck

Iqtidar Ali Siddiqui:


Franco Odeny: